Salming Black Diamond String - Black - Reel

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  • Material: Hypernyl™
  • Diameter: 1,19 mm (gauge 17)
  • Rec strings tension: 9-11 kg
  • Color: Black
  • Main characteristics: High energy return, spin and power
  • SKU: 1298209-0101

The Black Diamond string has a very high energy return, extreme spin and power. It gives you a greatly improved tension stability, the very best in our string range. The latter is made possible by using a newly developed material – HyperNylon - which offer improved polymer tension stability. DoubleAR HyperNylon is produced through a co-extrusion process combining two different nylon materials and in addition as a last process - create a rough surface texture that adds that extra spin on the ball.

Please note!
For best result, pre–stretch the string by 5% when stringing the racket. The string is made in Italy by DoubleAR.