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"The design and construction of our shoes can be derived from the natural running technique and the biomechanical laws that govern how humans move when running."

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Squash can be a very challenging sport to learn, but once you master the basics, your learning curve will increase exponentially. With any racket sport, it is vital that you learn the proper techniques for gripping the racket and striking the ball.

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So you want to go for a run, huh?

Shouldn’t be too complicated.

You wake up in the morning ready for your regular routine, or motivated by that 2 am fast food expedition last night to start a new one. Climb out of bed, eat a healthy breakfast, get hydrated, psyche yourself up by blasting the latest club bangers through your headphones while you stretch out your legs. Eventually you make your way to the bedroom and pull out your workout gear: shirt, shorts, iPod, headphones, shoes. Old shoes, typically, because who wants to mess up a brand new pair of kicks exercising?

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Mention the Olympics to Nicol David, and you’re likely to see a range of emotions in the top women’s squash player in the world. Elation, disappointment, a persevering attitude coupled with a dignified fatigue, and--most of all--confidence.

“I am very passionate about the chance for squash to take part in the Olympic Games,” said David, who hails from Malaysia. “I know from other multi sport games I do participate in how their four year cycle is such an important target to train for and peak at [...] Every one of us players would do everything we possibly can to participate at the Olympic Games and to live the dream of becoming an Olympian.”

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Clutch Sports Co. and Salming Squash were proud to sponsor the Squash the Stars event organized by Urban Squash. The event was a huge success with several NHL Alumni joining Greater Toronto Area Squash professionals to play doubles games. The game featured Tie Domi, Nick Kypreos, Gary Roberts, Pat Flatley and others. All of the proceeds from the event benefitted Urban Squash who offer an intense after school education program with concentrated squash training to help underserved youth in the Toronto area reach their full academic, athletic and personal potential. Thanks to Urban Squash Toronto and the National Squash Academy for...

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