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Floorball can be a quick and exhilarating sport to play, especially if someone is already familiar with floor hockey. The game can be considered a combination of traditional hockey that is played on grass, and the ice hockey that is so popular in the United States and Canada.

Most floorball game take place indoors, on surfaces that are similar to a basketball or futsal arena. Each team has six players and a goalkeeper, which makes the area very congested and cramped.

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The International Floorball Federation (IFF) Men's World Floorball Championship, with 16 participating nations, will be held December 5 through 14, 2014, in Gothenburg, Sweden, at the Lisebergshallen Arena and the Scandinavium Arena. Sweden is the defending champion. This will be the tenth World Championship in men's floorball, and a total of 30 teams will be competing for 15 spots.

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When the National Hockey League committed to expanding its footprint in the southern United States in the early 1990s, one of the first places to benefit was Dallas, Texas. The large size of the market made it a perfect fit for the struggling Minnesota North Stars, and after relocation, the Dallas Stars made their permanent home in Texas.

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