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With squash recognized as a sport that’s fan base lies largely in Great Britain, Europe, and Asia, it remains difficult to find superstar names in the western hemisphere. Don’t tell that to Colombia’s Miguel Ángel Rodríguez though. Recently acquiring a worldwide #8 spot on the Professional Squash Association’s (PSA) player rankings list, Rodriguez is currently the only South American to ever be ranked in the top 10, and is poised to become the greatest South American squash player ever. He’s already exceeded the previous player who held that position, Argentina’s Federico Usandizaga whose career high ranking of 20 in 1995...

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Salming sportswear have been working hard to make a name for themselves in the squash world. This has been achieved by signing several top quality players to their company. The latest asset to join Salming is Amr Shabana, the Egyptian squash player many believe to be the best in the world. Shabana's career has been full of excellence, with fans always enthralled by his performances on the squash court. Now they will get to see him win games with Salmon shoes on his feet.

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