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What You Don't Know About Clutch Sports Co.

Want to know how Clutch Sports Co. came about? We've got the scoop. Founder, Juha Mikkola, tells all about his vision turned business:

How did Clutch Sports become a reality?


Clutch Sports came together quickly! As a passionate group of floorball die-hards, we had been working with Salming to grow the sport in North America for years. When Salming’s products began to grow incredibly fast in other sports - squash, racquetball and running - we wanted to rebrand into something that better represents what we do today, but respecting our great past.


How long has Clutch Sports been around and what did you do before you started the company?


Clutch has been around as a brand for a few years, but the concept has been around a much longer time. It’s something that we used to talk about on the floorball court. When the games got down to the wire, who would be the one to step up and decide the win?


What is Clutch’s philosophy?


It’s about being Clutch. Having your best performance at just the right time and making a game turn in your favor. The de facto best player isn’t always the player that comes through when the pressure is on. Our philosophy is if you work hard, push yourself every day, even if you’re not the most talented player you can shine when it truly counts.


How do you stand out in such a competitive market?


It’s easy for us to stand out because we are Salming’s distributors in North America. Salming is such a cool brand - No Nonsense Swedish design that is beautiful and functional. Once you play with Salming, you’ll see why our players are so passionate about the brand.


Where do you see Clutch in the next ten years?


We want to take Salming into uncharted territories. We are going to remain the dominant force in floorball. We will continue growing in squash and racquetball. And we want to scare the big players in running with authentic, natural running shoes.


Describe a typical Clutch customer.


Progressive, passionate and with an eye for design. Someone who doesn’t compromise on the performance of their equipment.

We often say Salming’s product has the feeling of Apple’s, a cliche to be sure but the brand evokes the same kind of passion as Apple’s does in its users.


Running a business is undoubtedly stressful. How do you manage juggling your duties as an owner and the rest of your daily tasks?


It’s tough! Sometimes I have to prioritize. I believe in inbox zero and answering everyone, but it isn’t always possible. For example this interview took me a while to complete, didn’t it? 

That said you get to do what you love everyday. Every move you make, makes a difference, and you get to choose your path. It’s that pursuit of being Clutch that drives me and our team.


What sort of obstacles did you have to overcome when starting Clutch that you don’t have now? What new issues arise as a company becomes more established?


When you’re a new brand, representing a brand from Europe that is not a household name, it’s all about exposure. We want to get out there as much as possible.


How did Clutch come to be partnered with Salming shoes?


It started with floorball and we have built the relationship from there. 


What’s your definition of success?


A happy customer who loves our product and comes back!