20 Facts About Hockey That Will Impress Your Friends

Hockey is one of sports enthusiasts favorite pastimes. It involves great skill and the ability to balance on a slippery surface while playing. There are records that indicate that there is and has been some form of the game played for more than 4,000 years.

Keeping up with all the statistics and history can be a bit difficult though. No worries, we're here with a few hockey facts that will be sure to convince your friends and family that you know about the game. 

1. Hockey is one of the most intense sports around, physically draining the body of water and nutrients. The game is so strenuous that the average player loses seven pounds in one game. This is mostly due to intense sweating.

2. The first official team was the “Montreal Wanderers”.

3. Wayne Gretzky is considered the greatest player of the game. He was nicknamed "The Great One” due to his impressive career.

4. Wayne Gretzky has scored more than 2,857 goals since he joined the sport in 1979. His brother, Brent Gretzky, also played for a while.

5. Manon Rhéaume was the first and only women to play in the NHL. She only played two games, but she made history.

6. Pucks can travel up to 120 mph and have lead to the death of several players and fans over the years. Orange pucks are used in floor hockey and yellow pucks are for street hockey games. Red are for ice hockey.

7. Mark Messier is the second most adored player in the NHL. With more than 1,000 points scored, he holds the most impressive spot at number 2.

8. The Toronto Maple Leafs were first called the Toronto St. Patrick's. The name was changed in honor of the Maple Leaf Regiment during World War II.

9. The NHL actually originated in Canada and started back in 1910.

10. There were no pucks when hockey first started. Instead, they used round balls, switching to square pucks after a while and finally arriving at what is used today.

11. The first major league was not the NHL but rather the Amateur Hockey Association of Canada, or AHAC.

12. The first two people signed to the NHL in 1910 were Frank and Lester Patrick. Their modest first salaries were a mere $3,000.

13. The Stanley Cup wasn't the first major award for a game won. The O'Brien Trophy was the first prize awarded.

14. The uniforms for the 1916-1917 season were khaki and similar to war uniforms out of respect for the military.

15. Robert Livingstone is the man responsible for the creation of the NHL.

16. The first NHL game was scandalous. There were five teams and the “Montreal Wanderers” pulled out. Their stadium was burnt down and many think it was an act of retaliation.

17. There were six original teams that began the NHL.

18. There are 30 teams in the NHL today. Six of them are from Canada and 24 are from America.

19. The National Hockey League has players in twenty countries.

20. The Toronto Arenas were the first team to ever win the Stanley Cup.