Mark Griffin Honored by U.S. Racquetball

Mark Griffin has been a passionate supporter of racquetball for most of his life. Despite dedicating his career to business, Griffin has never lost his love for racquetball, and that is reflected in his generous support of the sport over the years. The President of Lewis Drug was recently honored at the United States Open Racquetball Championships in Minnesota.

Griffin was presented with an award to reflect his lifetime of dedication to racquetball. This lifetime achievement award has never been given out in the sport of racquetball. It highlights the mutual affection between the racquetball community and Mark Griffin. They recognize how important he has been to the improvement and progress made my racquetball in the United States in the past few decades.

The Sioux Falls Lewis Drug Pro-Am tournament is the longest standing racquetball event in the United States. It has been running, thanks to sponsorship from Lewis Drug, for the past 37 years. There is no way this event could have become such a staple of the racquetball calendar without Mark Griffin's passion and support over the past three to four decades.

Delighted to be receiving this lifetime achievement award, Mark Griffin had a few words to say on the matter: "I have always admitted that my first association with racquetball was very casual. I was looking for a sport to play with my friends. It definitely started out as a hobby, but quickly became a passion that has never left me. Racquetball has helped me maintain a healthy life and establish connections with friends from around the United States. Running a tournament such as the Pro-Am in Sioux Falls has been an honor and I am so happy to receive this award at the United States Open."

It is difficult to quantify the impact Mark Griffin has made on racquetball in the past few decades. His work in Sioux Falls extends beyond the Pro-Am tournament. He played a key role in the development of four state of the art racquetball courts in the Sioux Falls YMCA building. Griffin is always outspoken in his belief that sports such as racquetball can provide discipline, guidance and a fun experience to young people around the United States.

Along with the lifetime achievement award, Griffin also made it to the quarter finals of the U.S. Open's centurion division. He was partnered for the event by Jeff Scherschligt, Howalt-McDowell Insurance's President and CEO.