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Amr Shabana's Quest to Break Records

Despite being 35 years old, Amr Shabana is still one of the best squash players in the world. In a sport where fitness, mobility, and reflexes are of utmost importance, his longevity is an incredible achievement. While other athletes may be considering retirement at 35, Shabana is still hoping to win one more World Title before he hangs up his racket.

The record for the oldest player to win a World Title is held by Geoff Hunt, who won his last title in 1980 at the age of 34. Shabana is currently 35, and though he did not manage to get past the quarter finals at this year's event--losing to Nick Matthew--Shabana is likely to return for next year's World Title in even better form.

Shabana's last World Title triumph came in 2009. He also won the event in 2003, 2005 and 2007, reaching the world's number one ranking spot in 2006. Shabana also has four Hong Kong Open titles to his name, along with one Qatar Classic and two US Open titles. He is also a three time winner of New York City's Tournament of Champions event, with his most recent success coming in 2014.

Known for his incredible athleticism, stamina, and ability to make brilliant kill shots, Shabana is one of the most exciting players in squash. His racket skills are second to none, with most players unable to perform the variety and quality of strokes he can manage. Fellow squash legend Nick Matthew once admitted that Shabana was the most skillful player he had ever faced.

The only criticism of Shabana is in regard to his consistency. There are periods where he struggles to make the right decisions, which leads to silly point losses in matches. However, a fully fit and in form Amr Shabana is still a match for any player in the world.

At the 2014 Tournament of Champions--Shabana's most recent major win--he faced a tough challenge all the way, with the top sixteen players in the world competing with each other. However, he came through the field and faced Gregory Gaultier in the final.

Despite being four years younger than his fellow finalist, Gaultier was unable to keep up with the relentless tempo of Shabana's play. The Egyptian likes to turn on the style, but he was very professional in his win over Gaultier. He stuck to the basics of squash and played a flawless final to win the trophy, leaving no doubt that there will be more major victories in his future.