A Clutch Christmas: Major Events During the Holidays

Ah, December. That special time of year when families come together to eat, drink, be merry, and watch sports.

And with the Holidays and various end of year showcases fast approaching, we decided it would be in your best interest if we highlighted upcoming events in the Clutch sports world.


The first major squash event of the month is the World Squash Federation's (WSF's) Women’s World Team Championship, which begins December 1st. Lasting six days, WSF's annual tournament brings together some of the best female squash players in the world, competing for both national pride and the championship trophy.

One important distinction: While most squash events center around the performance of individual players, the Women's World Team Championship allows players to represent their country. With twenty countries from around the world being represented at the tournament, the championship will be broken up into two stages: a group stage and a knockout round.

On the men's side of the equation, the AJ Bell British Grand Prix takes place in Manchester starting December 5th. Well-known players such as Gregory Gaultier and Nick Matthew have been slated to compete, along with recent Egyptian world number one player Mohamed El Shorbagy. The fourth edition of this Grand Prix promises to be intriguing, as Nick Matthew tries to defend the title he won in 2012. Ramy Ashour took home the trophy in 2011 and 2010.

There's also plenty of squash action on the junior circuit in December, with the Swiss, Canadian and United States Junior Opens taking place this month. Junior events provide an opportunity for some of the best high school and college squash players to compete against each other.


In the United States, the NMRA 2014 Doubles-Only Championships takes place during this month. Some of the best racquetball players in the country will be heading down to California for the three day event, which starts on the December 4th. This is a round robin event, with everyone getting a chance to compete without fear of elimination. In the end, on December 6th, the team(s) left at the top of the standings get the trophy.


The International Floorball Federation (IFF) World Floorball Championships take place this month, with the action getting underway December 5th. This ten day event sees sixteen of the best floorball teams from around the world representing their country and competing to bring home the trophy. The first four days are reserved for group games, before the classification games begin on December 9th.

The championships are taking place in Gothenberg, Sweden this year. The tenth World Floorball Championship since 1996, only two countries have taken home the trophy in that time. Sweden has won an incredible seven World Floorball Championships, while Finland got the ultimate victory in 2008 and 2010.