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Clutch Floorball Techniques

Floorball can be a quick and exhilarating sport to play, especially if someone is already familiar with floor hockey. The game can be considered a combination of traditional hockey that is played on grass, and the ice hockey that is so popular in the United States and Canada.

Most floorball games take place indoors, on surfaces that are similar to a basketball or futsal arena. Each team has six players and a goalkeeper, which makes the area very congested and cramped.

Floorball Techniques -

The best way to succeed at floorball is to showcase great control of the ball. When playing regular hockey or ice hockey, there is usually enough space to push the ball in front and run at speed. However, in floor ball it is vital to have great close control. Being able to trap the ball with your stick and turn in the opposite direction will help you gain momentum and scoring chances for your team.

Passing the ball is another key element to floorball. A team that lacks outstanding players but develops great team passing can overcome an opposition that consists of unfamiliar but quality individuals. While individual skill can lead to great goals in floorball, most of the outstanding moves involve five to ten great passes between the team.

Dribbling -

Passing plays a vital role in floorball, but dribbling at speed is also very useful. Being able to dribble quickly while keeping the ball in control will allow your team to counter attack the opposition before they are ready to defend.

The ball is usually positioned right in front of the player while they are dribbling. If there is ample space, the dribbler can carry on by pushing the ball slightly forwards with each motion. However, dribbling through players or in tight spaces requires switching of the ball from the forehand to the backhand whilst running.

Shooting -

The best drill to improve shooting is the zigzag drill. This drill features a player running towards the goal, but in a zigzag motion that drags momentum from the forehand to the backhand and then again to the forehand side. The player will zigzag a few times before shooting. The goal of the drill is to confuse the keeper about whether you will shoot on the forehand or backhand side.

Proper Equipment -

Practicing and playing floorball without the right equipment can be dangerous. Clutch provides quality balls, sticks and safety equipment for floorball players who are serious about the game.