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Clutch Racquetball Techniques

If you want to be a great racquetball player, you will need the proper gear and the best techniques.

How To Buy A Racquet

Manufacturers design racquets that have different weights. The weight is important because it determines your swing speed. The speed of your swing affects your maneuverability, power, and control.

A racquet that weighs 185 grams or more will provide a slow swing. You should purchase this kind of racquet if you are a beginner.

A racquet that weighs 170-185 grams provides a moderate swing speed. This racquet is ideal for all racquetball players because it offers power and control.

For a fast swing, a light racquet that weighs 150-165 grams is recommended. This racquet offers maximum maneuverability and plenty of power. However, if you have shoulder ailments, you should not use a light-weight racquet.

Choosing A Brand


Each manufacturer offers a unique technology that affects how every racquet performs during games. Always test each racquet in each store so that you can choose the best racquet for your needs.

Bonus Buying Advice - Grips And Strings

The strings affect how well the racquet performs during big games. When you play numerous games throughout the year, the tension of the strings will weaken. Weak strings must be replaced immediately because the racquet’s response time and power will suffer.

You must replace your grip when it gets old because a new grip improves durability and control. Most stores sell many grips that will blend with any racquet.

Five Ways To Improve Your Racquetball Game

You must warm-up before each match for at least 10 minutes by hitting a few basic shots.

When using a forehand stroke, the racquet position must travel from ear to ear. By using this motion, you will achieve a proper follow-through. To master this effective technique, pretend that you are throwing the racquet at a wall.

Never move to the ball directly; instead, keep the ball at a reasonable swinging distance on your side.

When you hold the racquet, ensure that you are using the correct grips for your backhand and forehand motions.

To improve your consistency each time you serve, always aim your shots at a specific target.